This project was initiated during an artist residency with Labverde, at a scientific research station in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, and will be finished during my next trips to South America. I was inspired to do work looking at the scientific view of the world, and try and catch this experience in my photographic material.

By utilizing scientifically inspired methods of collecting randomized samples and imprints of the landscape I make collages and collections of images that give a basis for new interpretations and understanding of the biodynamics at work in the rainforest.
A collection of on site photographic imprints of jungle leaves makes up a herbarium that not only show what plants grow on the different elevations in the rainforest, but also gives an impression of the humidity and amount of light on site.
Photographic soil samples display signs of the even levels of humidity in the ground while river water marks show differences in water quality in the different river deltas.

All the photographs are made on site as original and unique imprints of the rainforest landscape.e

Ongoing project
Handmade original photograms and lumenprints on silvergelatin photopaper and film.

Unique prints -  varied sizes