The Norwegian Suitcase

Teaming up with the Belgian artist Claire Ducène I created a project for the Maison Losseau and their exhibition commemorating the Belgian cultural mesén, explorer, lawyer and photoenthusiast Léon Losseau´s expedition to the Norwegian Polar Circle in 1929. Our show "Croisière au Cercle Polaire. Eté 1929" used Losseau´s personal archives of his life and travels as a starting point. I created new material to be added as a fictional, and real, gift from me, as I would have shared with him if we had met through time while I traveled along his original route through Norway last year. Going through my own photo archive and adding new images from a trip across Norway, I made a new archive of prints showing the landscape photography as inspired by Losseau´s style of photography.

The whole project fits in a suitcase, that can be imagined to be newly discovered containing hitherto unknown or lost photos from Losseau´s travels. Several hundred handmade darkroom prints made as enlargements, contact sheets and final prints in frames, paints a story of travels through rugged coastal landscapes, fjords and mountains, with few images containing hints of their modern date contrasting the old look and feel.

Price on request