Going back along the forest paths where as child I used to hide and play and construct worlds of fantasy, I today carry with me huge rolls of film. By ditching the camera and letting the forest do it«s own dirty work I hope to catch a glimpse of that elusive primal feeling that only the innocent young and the wild beast have in common. In the middle of the night I give mother nature the means to expose herself on my canvas of chemicals. I use the film to make life size contact prints. The tears and scratches are just as much a part of the imprint of the trees as the shape and shadow they leave on the material. And looking through the places of memory, I can still find the tracks of trolls.

Prints are made as life-sized contactsheets, the largest ones measuring 106cm x 200cm-350cm. The thin stripes are from 20cm x 100cm and the smallest one shown here is 5cm x 15cm

Handmade analogue seleniumtoned contactprints
Price on request