Playground/District 12

The tall concrete blocks of flats all stand dark and quiet in the cold evening air. Street­lights are illuminating the empty spaces between the kindergarten and the primary school. The shadows are deep and the light is still as harsh as I remember. But this time I stand taller. With a specially constructed box I set up and expose sheets of film directly in the yellow light of my old housing­complex. The film­box being 120cm tall records the shadow the way it fell on me the year I cele­brated my 7th birthday. Walking around my old playground I remember my first time going home from kinder­garten alone, in anticipation of starting in primary school the following autumn. And looking down on the shadows marking the boundaries of my childhood roaming area I can this time pin them down on my sheets of film.

A series of photo­grams on film made outdoors with a lightproof box.

Handmade silvergelatin print

Edition 5 -  120cm x 80 cm
price on request