Photographs of flowers from a summer past. Colour­ful memories with vague contours. I came upon the botanical gardens in full bloom one summer and missed it so the follow­ing winter. Next summer I went back and dis­covered how it really looked. The flowers of yester­year will always be more beauti­ful, so those were the ones I wanted to capture on film.

The series consists of 50 photo­graphs. Presented as an instal­lation, lying on a green carpet on the floor unmounted.

inkjet on watercolour paper
Signed, no edition -  20cm x 30 cm
Price: 1500NOK 



Natural Design 1

I make prints of the small things in nature. The things that make up the parts of the pattern in the larger landscape. The close­ness to the motif when it is physi­cally touching the film makes an imprint more natural than the fanciest lighting and filter use. The darkroom light brutally cuts through the thinner leaves and draws a perfect line along all sharp contours. The picture is left as an atomic imprint after the mushroom cloud has been sucked out throught the venti­lation system.

A series of images made without a camera but as darkroom photo­grams on sheet film.
Handmade selenium-toned silverhalid fiberprints

Handmade selenium-toned silvergelatin fiberprints
Edition 25



Natural Design 2

Shadows photo­graphed, a motif with recog­nizable shape but without physical form. The motif remem­bered and described. A colourful portrait made through a veil of distance and memory.

The series consists of 15 colour photo­graphs of multi-exposed, projected shadows of traditional bouquet flowers.
Made on film, with a projector and handheld colour filters.

Handmade analogue c-prints
Edition 10