Exhibition 23/5 - 30/8 2019

Sommerminner - at Studio Oscar, Lillestrom - Norway

The exhibition includes works from three different series that all are based on the idea of photographing how our memory will show us an altered image when remembering the subject that is in front of our eyes in the moment. Using flowers and plants as a subject matter, the photographs depict them after they have gone through the threadmill of our synapses, stored and reworked over time and distance.

Studio Oscar


Photographs of flowers from a summer past. Colour­ful memories with vague contours. I came upon the botanical gardens in full bloom one summer and missed it so the follow­ing winter. Next summer I went back and dis­covered how it really looked. The flowers of yester­year will always be more beauti­ful, so those were the ones I wanted to capture on film.

Natural Design I

Without a camera I make direct photographic prints of the small things in nature. The things that make up the parts of the pattern in the larger landscape. The close­ness to the subject when it is physi­cally touching the film makes an imprint more natural than the fanciest lighting and filter use. The darkroom light brutally cuts through the thinner parts and draws a perfect line along all sharp contours.

Natural Design II

Flowers in a vase on the table, shadows photo­graphed, a subject with recog­nizable shape but without physical form, remem­bered and described. A colourful portrait made through a veil of distance and memory.