Workshop 30/9 - 4/10 2019

“What do you take pictures of?”
What, How and Why, - thinking out loud about your own photography practice.

This workshop will help you dive deeper into your own photo project and lead you to a better understanding of your own work. We will have a focus on discussing the participants individual projects and go through practical methods for developing ideas and how you use these methods to talk about your work and improve your practice,

The workshop will be centered around a series of project presentations by invited guest photographers, who you also will present and discuss your work with. Together we all look at how you can develop your ideas and your photography practice.
In addition homework assignments will open you up for new lines of thought and talks on work method and philosophy will improve your work process and prepare you to take your project to the next level.

The workshopen is led by photographer Stig Marlon Weston, an experienced photo artist, teacher and mentor.

Place: Apertura photocentre, Malaga - Spain
Teacher: Stig Marlon Weston
Time: 30/9 - 4/10 2019

Guest speakers:

max 8 participants

You must be working on a photo project or series that you want to share and discuss during the workshop. All participants must bring a physical portfolio of 10-20 prints that they wish to receive feedback on.

Sign up after submitting 4 images and a few sentences describing your own project and photography background to:

More information to be posted soon