Workshop 30/9 - 4/10 2019 - in Málaga, Spain

“What do you take pictures of?”
-how to present and think about your own photographic practice in a more focused way.

This workshop will help you dive deeper into your own photo project and lead you to a better understanding of your own work. We will have a focus on discussing the participant´s individual projects as we go through ways of developing ideas and how you use these methods to present and talk about your work. Through practical exercise and group discussions you will improve both your practice and your method of presentation for approaching collaborators and galleries.

The workshop will be centered around a series of project presentations by invited guest photographers and the following presentation of your own work to them. Together we will look at how you can develop your ideas and your photo project further and practice how to present it in a more focused way. In addition, homework assignments will open you up for new lines of thought in your personal work, and talks on photographic method and philosophy will improve your work process and prepare you to take your project to the next level.

At the end the workshop Apertura Photo Centre will host a public event where the participants present their projects in front of an audience.

The workshop is led by Norwegian photographer Stig Marlon Weston, an experienced photo artist, teacher and curator.

Place: Apertura Photo Centre, in Málaga, Spain
Teacher: Stig Marlon Weston
Time: 30/9 - 4/10 2019
Guest speakers:
Míchelo Toro
Javier Hirschfeld
David Villalba

Sign up before 1.Sept to secure a spot. Later sign up on availability.
Sign up will be advised after submitting up to
4 images and a few sentences describing your own project and photography background

STIG MARLON WESTON is a photographer, artist and manager at the studio collective CYAN studio in Oslo. Over the years he has developed his own visual and philosophical form of expression. In his opinion a well made photo project is just as much about the way the photographs are created and how the intention behind the work comes through, as what the physical subject matter is.

He comes from a varied background where he has been showing both at venues like the Norwegian State Annual Exhibition and Shoot Gallery in Oslo. As well as in Berlin and as a prize winning photo-artist in New York. He is currently working on an experimental photo project in the Amazon Rainforest, taking a closer photographic look at the scientific viewpoint of the natural landscape.

MÍCHELO TORO is a photographer and director of Apertura Photo Centre, in Málaga, Spain. He has been working and teaching photography for 25 years. After working as a professional advertising photographer he quit to focus on personal projects.
For the last ten years he has also worked as a curator on several projects, organizing exhibitions, photobooks, magazines, art fairs, etc. He regularly curates exhibitions at Apertura and elsewhere and is always trying to inspire and expand the photography scene in Málaga and the rest of Spain.

JAVIER HIRSCHFELD is a Spanish artist, curator, and Photo Editor, working mainly in London, Málaga, and Dakar. He studied History of Art at Birkbeck, University of London, during this same time, he developed his interest in portrait photography.
His work has been presented in Spain, United States, Brazil and France, As a curator he has worked with artists such as Omar Victor Diop, Eugenio Merino and Edouard Taufenbach. His photographic projects include, The Sheltering Pixel, Miguel de Moreno, and Once Ideal Senegal (Senegal 11 Best). Javier is interested, in the role and responsibility of photography in the representation of “one and the other”.
Javier is the Photo Editor at BBC Culture and BBC Future in London.

DAVID VILLALBA holds a Master's Degree in Teaching, has directed the Imagen Collective from 2008 to 2016, which holds the important task of training and disseminating contemporary photography. He is currently undertaking two Master's degrees in Artistic Professions and Artistic and Narrative Documentary Photography.
In his latest work, he tackles golf courses as devices that generate a displacement in the notion of territory and as an objectification of the landscape. The development of the project itself is understood as a testing ground to investigate new forms of photographic language. This inserts logics of painting, installation or performance.
David has been selected for different prizes and grants such as the IAJ Photography Contest, the artist residence of the Antonio Gala, and Foundation, Descubrimientos PHE.

“The workshop gave me a lot of feedback to take in and I have already improved the editing of my portfolio a lot.”
Andreas Helland - workshop participant

It was a very useful workshop that helped me develop my photo project further. I received several eye openers, useful feedback to lift my work and not the least a lot of inspiration.
The approach of the teacher to all the projects was very good and he gave a lot of himself.”

Solveig Grande - workshop participant

At 6PM Sunday 29th of September, we will meet up at Apertura for an informal introduction to the photo centre and a social gathering before the workshop program starts on Monday.

The workshop runs from Monday 30th of September to Friday 4th of October.
Every day will have a program starting at 10AM that runs to about 2PM followed by a social lunch.
The daily schedule will include talks and group discussions, presentations by guest photographers, portfolio presentations by each participant, and homework assignments for the next day.

The Friday 4th of October will also include an evening event at Apertura Photo Centre from 7PM to 9PM, where the participants are invited to present their projects to a public audience together with the workshop teacher.

-There will be a group dinner after the first day of the workshop on Monday night and after the Friday presentation event at the end of the workshop.
-Homework assignments will be challenging but not too time consuming, and there will be ample time to spend exploring the town and the local sights.

Place: Apertura Photo Centre, in Málaga, Spain
Teacher: Stig Marlon Weston
Time: 30/9 - 4/10 2019
Guest speakers:
Míchelo Toro
Javier Hirschfeld
David Villalba
Accommodation: Villa Alicia Guesthouse 29/9 - 5/10
Sign up after 1. Sept does not guarantee a room at Villa Alicia
Workshop fee: €1300 Including stay (separate room, shared bathroom), (+€20 for private bathroom), (+€50 for ensuite bathroom)
€1100 Without stay at guesthouse
The workshop fee covers all costs of the workshop and includes 6 breakfast (Monday to Saturday) two group dinners (Monday and Friday) and 5 group lunches (Monday to Friday)
Travel: Transport to and from Málaga and the hotel is organized by the participants.

The workshop will be held in English.
Max 8 participants
****You must be working on a photo project or series that you want to share and discuss during the workshop.
-All participants must bring both a digital and a physical portfolio of at least 10-20 prints to receive feedback on.
-To do the homework assignments you must also bring a digital camera of your choice and a laptop computer or other equipment to edit your pictures and to prepare your final presentation.

This workshop will be held in the beautiful city of Málaga on the Andalusian coast of southern Spain. Connecting the workshop to the professional local and national photography community is important to us. We are excited to be holding the workshop at Apertura, a photo centre, located in the historical part of Málaga.

The photo school and gallery Apertura are located in the centre of town next to the Plaza de la Merced, close to the Roman ruins and the Picasso Museum. With a busy schedule of workshops and classes, talks and exhibitions, Apertura is an important part of the thriving photo community in southern Spain. We will have our daily lectures and reviews there, and Apertura will also host the final public presentations of the workshop participants.

Workshop participants traveling to Málaga will be staying at Guesthouse Alicia, located in a 20th Century Villa located near the historic town centre and Apertura. This guesthouse is well situated, charming, and reasonably priced. We have chosen the cozy guesthouse to be the central meeting point to spend shared downtime, late night terrace meetups and a beautiful view overlooking the city. Breakfast is included daily.


The capital of Costa del Sol dates back over 2800 years and is one of the oldest cities in the world. Located on the coast of Andalucía in southern Spain it is the southernmost city in Europe, boasting an average of 300 days of sunshine a year and orange trees lining the streets. Málaga retains the charm of a beachfront town and is also the site of both Phoenician, Roman, and Moor ruins as well as being the birthplace of Picasso.
Málaga offers sunny days at the beach, long museum tours, historical walks, relaxing hamams, a wonderful food market with fresh seaside tapas and a vibrant nightlife in the historical centre.